Top 8 Rattan Chairs For Stylish Bohemian Decor

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The hype of adding 70’s Bohemian vibes in the homes is the way back; buying the Rattan chairs is ideally a reliable step to go with this funky trend. These streamlined and textured chairs exude a casual-cool look to the indoor spaces of your home.

This blog post is a sweet spot if you are eager to buy an eye-catching rattan chair to add that laid-back vibe to your surroundings. We have rounded up the eight most stylish rattan chairs with different budget options, so you can choose the one that fits your dream list.


Top Pick

If you ask for our recommendation on the most remarkable rattan chairs that can make your home setup chic. In this case, we suggest Patio Furniture Sets, Zesthouse Dining Chairs, and Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs.

These three top picks are stylish in design and excellent at material quality; however, the Patio Furniture Rattan Chair is only $59.99! These three rattan chairs can instantly elevate your dining room, patio and living room décor. 


Patio Furniture Sets

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture Sets Outdoor Wicker Bistro Set Rattan Chair Conversation Sets Garden Furniture for Yard Backyard

Zesthouse Dining Chairs

Zesthouse Dining

Zesthouse Dining Chairs 2pcs, Velvet Side Chairs Rattan Chairs with Cane Back & Stainless Chrome Base

Jaxsen Faux Leather 

Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs Set of 2 with Rattan Backrest Modern

Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs Set of 2 with Rattan Backrest Modern

VODUR Wishbone Chair

VODUR Wishbone Chair Natural Solid Wood Dining Chairs

Tommy Bahama Blue, 2 CountTommy Bahama, Striped

LUE BONA Midcentury 

LUE BONA Midcentury Modern Accent Chair Woven Leather Cane Accent Chairs 1

LUE BONA Midcentury Modern Accent Chair, Woven Leather Cane Accent Chairs

LUE BONA Folding Woven 

LUE BONA Folding Woven Faux Leather Accent Chair

LUE BONA Folding Woven Faux Leather Accent Chair

Leasbar Outdoor Rattan 

Leasbar Outdoor Rattan Wicker Chairs

Leasbar Outdoor Rattan Wicker Chairs

Art Leon Dining Chairs Set

Art Leon Dining Chairs Set of 2 Oak Back Frame 1

Art Leon Dining Chairs, Set of 2, Oak Back Frame

1- Patio Furniture Sets: Most Economical Option

To make your patio, poolside, backyard, or balcony stylish, and classy, place the outdoor Wicker Bistro Set Rattan Chair Conversation Set and enjoy a wonderful sitting experience.

This striking chair set is perfect for outdoor and indoor settings, so the experts suggest it for stylish bohemian decor. The adorable combination of PE (Polyethylene) rattan wicker and powder-coated steel frame makes this set durable and lightweight, making transportation from one to another a breeze.

1. Patio Furniture Sets
Most Economical Option

Patio Furniture 1


  • Water resistance set
  • Stylish and convenient
  • Strong feet protect the floor
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Assembling takes time

This patio bistro cushion is made of a soft, thick rebound sponge to offer next-level sitting; moreover, its zipper cover is easy to remove for washing.

The excellent tempered-glass top is stylish, and its 16–inches wide space is enough to place newspapers, coffee cups, cell phones, and other small accessories.

Final Verdict:

Keep things simple; these 33-inches high and 23-inches wide chairs can easily hold a person weighing 200lbs. So, click the order button and make your home stylish.

2.Zesthouse Dining Chairs: Strong Structure Frame

Zesthouse Dining Chairs are the perfect blend of creativity, style, and comfort. The fusion of classic rattan back and soft velvet fabric perfectly matched any kitchen or dining room interior.

The mesh back of this sublime chair increases breathability and enhances air circulation to keep users cool while enjoying their dinner with friends or family.

It is an artistic two-piece set whose rigid tubular steel frame is durable and can bear a weight of 260 pounds. The high-density sponge seat offers next-level comfort and makes it a secure investment.

2. Zesthouse Dining Chairs
Strong Structure Frame

Zesthouse Dining 1


  • Awe-inspiring design
  • Breathable mesh back.
  • The seat has durable velvet fabric.
  • Super comfy


  • Nothing to bother the minds

Final Verdict:

Due to the different base styles, users can easily stack the chairs together and store them anywhere. Moreover, their versatility allows users to place them in dining rooms, banquets, kitchens, or living rooms. You can also try them to make your home aesthetically pleasing!

3:Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs: Modern And Aesthetic

Let’s be more modern, classic, and fashionable by including Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs, where style meets aesthetics to offer a perfect sitting experience.

The whisky brown color looks cool to the eyes and suits any kitchen interior, bars, coffee shops, dining areas, and bohemian-style rooms. The elegant rounded, 100% natural woven rattan cane back increases breathability and makes it pleasing for those who love to sit for hours.

It is an appealing chair set with a faux leather cushioned seat filled with 28D foam to increase sturdiness and softness for all-day comfort.

The adorable combination of curved wooden backrest edges and strong metal base makes this enchanting chair able to hold a weight of 250 lbs.

Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs Set of 2 with Rattan Backrest Modern 1


  • Faux leather cushion
  • Elegant rounded back
  • Offer extreme comfort
  • Made of the strong metal base


  • Not look sturdy 

Final Verdict:

The 16.5-inches wide seat is set to provide users with a comfortable and luxurious sitting experience. Take advantage of this great package of two chairs if you are nostalgic and want to add a 20th-century touch to your home.

4:VODUR Wishbone Chair Natural Solid Wood: Multipurpose And Multi Featured

Place this unique and staggering mid-century style VODUR Wishbone Chair in your bedrooms, living rooms, waiting areas, dining areas, or lounges, and gather beautiful memories with your loved ones.

This striking rattan chair’s design is made by keeping in mind the structure of the human body. The sitting surface is made with pure hand-weaved 100% natural Kraft paper rope. This long-lasting soft, breathable sitting surface can hold 300 pounds for heavy users. So cool, indeed!

These two chairs have environmentally friendly transparent wood wax oil coating, which is contamination-free, meaning your skin will not feel any itching or irritation. Simply creamy wooden finish, guys!

4. VODUR Wishbone Chair Natural Solid Wood Multipurpose And Multi Featured

VODUR Wishbone Chair Natural Solid Wood Dining Chairs 1


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable and soft
  • Safe coating for human skin
  • Ravishing design


  • Small in size

Final Verdict:

Since these are lightweight chairs, moving them to different places and changing your home setting is not stressful. By bringing these phenomenal chairs to your home, you can make your home appealing at an affordable price.

5:LUE BONA Midcentury Modern Accent Chair: Sturdy And Durable

LUE BONA’s Midcentury Chair is a great furniture item that is so modest and elegant to add an accent to your living room, lounge, and bedroom. This alluring chair’s 15.8-inches height and 23-inches width make it a comfortable option for reading books, talking to friends, or stretching back to get some comfortable moments.

The faux leather straps at the back and seat with the solid wooden frame make this chair appealing, durable, and the best for body support. The real picture of remarkable craftwork, undoubtedly!

This astounding rattan chair is best both for indoor and outdoor use as the leather material is waterproof and easy to clean from dirt and stains. Wipe it gently using warm water, and make the chair bright and shiny again.

LUE BONA Midcentury Modern Accent Chair Woven Leather Cane Accent Chairs 1


  • Made of waterproof leather
  • Best value for the money
  • Top quality chair
  • Sturdy wooden frame


  • No con

Final Verdict:

Trust us; this modest chair can be best for bohemian-style decor, patios, balcony because many positive reviews prove its durability, style, and class. So, give it a try once, and feel the difference yourself!

6: LUE BONA Folding Woven Faux Leather Accent Chair – Highly Fashionable

All those who are fans of bohemian style decor but own small apartments can try this Cognac and Brown colored ravishing LUE BONA Folding Chair.

It is the most convenient chair for busy users as it comes 98% pre-assembled; you need to spend just 3 minutes fixing its back bar. With a 10-inches lowest ground point and 22-inches width, this chair is surprisingly the best to make your balconies, lounges, and living rooms extra stylish.

The most amusing feature of this eye-catching chair is its reclined back, allowing users to stretch their backs to enjoy rainy weather, bright sunshine, or an aerial view of the beautiful blue sky.

LUE BONA Folding Woven Faux Leather Accent Chair 1


  • Reclined back
  • Super comfy
  • Best for small homes
  • Easy to assemble


  • Too low from the ground

Final Verdict:

The attractive wooden frame, bottom triangular structure, and sturdy faux leather will surely bring smiles to your face. Furthermore, this chair’s folding design makes transportation and storage a piece of cake. Are you still thinking, mate? Please hurry up and order it now!

7:Leasbar Outdoor Rattan Wicker Chairs – Great Value For Money

Despite being old-fashioned, Rattan chairs have always been a favorite of everyone because of their style and durability. So we think, why not suggest to you another pair of the best Leasbar Outdoor Rattan Wicker Chairs?

The modern, sturdy steel legs and rattan finish will not make the chairs and table eye-catchy, but the material is also rust-resistance. Due to this implausible combination, these chairs are extraordinary for holding at least 330 lbs weight. Insane capacity, indeed!

The stunning ray retro accent makes this set spectacular; the accurate length and width of these chairs allow any smart or chubby user to spend leisure hours reading books, listening to music, or enjoying beautiful lawn-side sceneries for hours.

This cute 20.24-inches table has solid tempered glass, which is ideal for placing coffee mugs, books, cell phones, and other small accessories.

Thanks to the anti-skid foot pads of the table and chairs, you will never fall, nor will the chairs slip from their place.

7. Leasbar Outdoor Rattan Wicker Chairs Great Value For Money

Leasbar Outdoor Rattan Wicker Chairs 1


  • Has rubber handle
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Light like a breeze
  • Stable design


  • It could be more sturdy

Final Verdict:

At first glance, these chairs and table sets look charming and cool. The best package to place indoors and outdoors is UV, weather, and mildew resistance. Hurry up, order it now because small home changes are always beautiful!

8:Art Leon Dining Chairs Set – Ever-Green Design

Lastly, we have another dazzling, enduring, and attractive chair set. The Art Leon Dining Chairs set, whose back is a striking combination of the oak frame and hand-woven rattan, makes the chairs elastic and breathable. Undoubtedly, the illustrious backrest for back pain sufferers!

The comfort is of the next level, thanks to the chair’s PU leather cushion packed with a high-density sponge.

These dining chairs look pleasing to the eyes due to the curved structure made of chrome-plated steel. As these chairs do not have arms, it means a great space-saving option for kitchens, dining rooms, and lounges.

Whether you have a tiled floor or wooden, there are no worries about scratches or annoying linings as these chairs have plastic protective pads underneath the frame, ensuring stability and security.

8. Art Leon Dining Chairs Set Ever-Green Design

Art Leon Dining Chairs Set of 2 Oak Back Frame 1


  • Striking design
  • Space saving chairs
  • Breathable back
  • Solid and durable build


  • The leather seat is a bit cheap

Final Verdict:

So are you ready to make your home extra classic by adding these artistic chairs? These vintages and modern chairs are suitable for every decor, so try this set once, and thank us later!

Our Summary

Keeping the home well-maintained and upgraded is every woman’s dream, but buying new furniture every day is not a cost-effective option. Hence, it is better to buy the everlasting design that has no chance of getting old – here, we have introduced eight stylish and elegant chairs that will set your home setting ablaze.

You can review all chairs and pick one that complements your home design better; our eight-by-eight rattan chairs are incredible, but if you want to ask, the one that has won our editor and researcher’s heart is Zesthouse Dining Chairs. This modern chair is light in weight, spectacular in design, easy to assemble, and carries countless other features. So feel free to invest in it!

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