12 Best Monitor Standing Desks That Customers Love!

Anyone who has ever developed a home office better knows hunching over a laptop can cause huge back pain; thus, a reliable solution is buying a standing desk that is convertible and adjustable.

This way, users gets proper neck support and back support because monitors come up at eye level – you don’t need to slump toward the monitor screen.


If you don’t have time to explore our entire list sssand need help choosing the best monitor standing desk, you can pick OUTFINE Dual Motor Standing Desk. It is easy to maintain, quick to adjust, and straightforward to assemble; this monitor standing desk is also cost-effective, space-saving, and offers fantastic lumbar support. Investing in this standing desk is a super-safe deal.

 Comparison Table

OUTFINE Dual Motor 

OUTFINE Dual Motor Height Adjustable Standing Desk Electric Dual Motor

FEZIBO Sturdy Electric 

FEZIBO Sturdy Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Drawers

Truweo Electric 

Truweo Adjustable Electric Standing Desk – 50 x 23.6 inches Sit to Stand Office Desk

VIVO 32-inch Desk Converter

VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter, Height Adjustable Riser, Sit to Stand Dual Monitor

VIVO Black Desk Converter

VIVO Height Adjustable Pro 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter

FEZIBO Desk Converter

FEZIBO Height Adjustable, Desk Converter Stand up Riser Tabletop

FITUEYES Standing Desk 

FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk 36” Wide Sit to Stand

VIVO Extra Wide Corner Desk

VIVO Extra Wide Corner Height Adjustable 38 inch Stand up Desk Converter

VIVO Corner Stand-Up Desk

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 83 x 60 inch Corner Stand Up Desk

FLEXISPOT EP4 Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT EP4 Classic Electric Standing Desk 63"x30" Inches Dual Motor

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk 3 Stages Dual Motor Electric Stand Up Desk

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk

FinerCrafts Standing Desk 71 x 32 Inches Dual-Motor Height Adjustable Desk Electric Sit

Here we are going to dive into the 12 best monitor standing desks!

1- OUTFINE Dual Motor Standing Desk: Top Seller

Regular sitting in an office chair is not suitable for your health, so we suggest you use an OUTFINE Adjustable Standing Desk. Arrange dual monitors on its 24-inches vast space and work for long hours while standing.

It is an outstanding electric desk whose control console memorizes three height levels. When you click the button, the console will automatically change the height. Truly mesmerizing!

Now take tea or coffee while doing important assignments without worrying about falling the mug and ruining the essential documents or electronic items because this feature-packed desk has an anti-spill cup holder.

1. OUTFINE Dual Motor Standing Desk:
Top Seller


  • The dual motor runs quietly
  • Solid base and structure
  • Possess cup holder and hook


  • Assembling takes time

Final Verdict:

It is a masterpiece whose bevel edges protect the wrist, anti-collision technology protects the desk by detecting nearby objects, and solid construction protects electronic items. Eye-opening desk for sure; what do you think, mate? 

2- FEZIBO Sturdy Electric Standing Desk: 2nd Top Seller

All fans of standing desks will love to add this FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk in their offices, whose innovative keypad controller has four presets buttons from which users can change the height from 27 to 46-inches. 

Stay away from the messy office environment by arranging all accessories, documents, gadgets, and other things neatly because it is the most spacious desk with four storage drawers, extra open storage cubicles, and a wide top where you can arrange dual monitors with a perfect eye level.


  • Innovative desk
  • Anti-collision technology
  • Rolling casters


  • The controller position is not ideal

Final Verdict:

Happily, there is no need to worry about its sturdiness as it is made of a solid anti-rust steel frame and a premium electric lift system. Undoubtedly a multi-featured masterpiece!

3: Truweo Electric Standing Desk: 3rd Top Seller

Another appealing, well-made, and innovative desk is Truweo Electric Standing Desk, which has a fabulous digital control panel with three programmable memory settings and a timer that notifies the user about the sitting duration. This way, the user comprehends its sitting-standing cycle and protects his health from lugging to adverse ridges.

It is a beautifully designed scratch-proof standing desk with a tabletop of 0.7-inches thick melamine. Alongside this, the awesome-looking rounded corners further add a royal touch.

3. Truweo Electric Standing Desk: 3rd Top Seller


  • Easy to clean
  • The excellent value for the money
  • Helps to maintain a great lifestyle
  • Bear weight of 110 lbs


  • Small keyboard tray

Final Verdict:

Its advanced motorized telescopic legs raise or lower easily, making this desk a worthier pick. A never-missable desk, for sure!

4-VIVO 32-inch Desk Converter: Easy To Assemble

Don’t sit in the office all day; bring some change in life and take a break by standing for some time. For this purpose, try our next pick: VIVO 32-inch Desk Converter, which has a superb high lock mechanism to raise the height from 4.5 to 20-inches in seconds.

Its patent X-frame design makes height adjustment tasks a breeze. The 32-inches wide desk space gives plenty of room for placing two monitors, laptops, speakers, desktop computers, and others without difficulty. Awe-inspiring pick for sure!

The wide keyboard tray syncs perfectly with the tabletop and provides a smooth working environment.

4. VIVO 32-inch Desk Converter: Easy To Assemble


  • Wide desk converter
  • Elegant and solid
  • Convenient X frame design


  • Not very stable

Final Verdict:

No need to waste money on buying a separate desk; pick this desk converter, raise the height, and stay away from muscle fatigue and back pain.

5-VIVO Black Desk Converter: Space-Saving Option

Enjoy seamless workflow by bringing this VIVO desk converter, whose 36-inches wide desk offers enough space for placing monitors, laptops, and other electronic gadgets.

The stupefying lift assist allows users to change it from sitting to a standing desk in seconds. Moreover, its fantastic locking mechanism changes the height from 6.5 to 17-inches in the blink of an eye. Its strong and stable base also keeps the monitors, laptops, and other items safe from falling.

5. VIVO Black Desk Converter: Space-Saving Option


  • Absolute stunner
  • Worth every penny
  • Easy to change the height


  • Low keyboard tray

Final Verdict:

The great news is that this fantastic converter comes fully assembled, just unbox it, and here you go. It is a highly recommended desk converter for all users!

6- FEZIBO Desk Converter: Great At Maneuverability

If you suffer health issues from persistently sitting in the office, don’t panic; get a FEZIBO Desk Converter. This desk will increase the monitor height level and bring it to your comfortable position so you can consistently work by standing without getting tired.

Experience a better working environment by lessening back pain, obesity, and heart issues. This converter has a gas spring braking system that helps the desk to rise or fall from 4.5 inches to 19.3 inches quickly.

6. FEZIBO Desk Converter: Great At Maneuverability


  • Has Keyboard tray
  • Convenient desk converter
  • Compact and space-saving


  • Jiggle while typing

Final Verdict:

The innovative side handles easily operate the desk and make it the best for casual users and first-time buyers. Spend money on it and experience it yourself!

7-FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter: Strong And Sturdy

FITUEYES Standing Desk Converter gives the perfect balance between standing and sitting as it has straightforward and easy adjustments. Users can set the desk to a perfect eye level by adjusting the height from 4.3-inches to 19.8-inches by squeezing the handle.

Thanks to its well-made steel frame, you can comfortably place items weighing 33 lbs. The protective sponge pad protects the desk from harm, and implausible non-slip feet protect monitors, laptops, and other accessories from falling.


  • Provide spacious space
  • Non-slip scratchpad
  • Has a table slot for kindles and phones


  • Heavy

Final Verdict:

All in all, it is a sleek and durable desk converter that quickly turns from sitting to standing. We hope it will fulfill your needs; all the best!

8- VIVO Extra Wide Corner Desk Converter: Superb At Ergonomics

We include the VIVO Corner Desk Converter in our list because it is ready to use out of the box, just attach the lower tray and arrange your workstation. The attractive table top has a multi-functional slot where users can place kindles, smartphones, calculators, sticky notes, and memos.

The 37-inches wider top surface makes this desk converter the best to place dual- monitor setup.

Furthermore, the lower tray is also great for placing the mouse and keyboard.

8. VIVO Extra Wide Corner Desk Converter : Superb At Ergonomics


  • Need minimal assembly
  • Durable and spacious
  • Offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • Small keyboard tray

Final Verdict:

In short, this brilliant desk converter forced you to praise its astonishing features. Trust us and try it once; we hope it will never disappoint you!

9-VIVO Electric Corner Stand-Up Desk: Great Adjustability

Change the working pattern from sitting to standing with our next pick, VIVO Electric Stand-Up Desk. It is a stand-alone L-shaped corner desk with ample space for keeping dual monitors, calendars, files, a keyboard, speakers, or other essential items.

The three leveling feet, solid legs, and all-steel construction make this desk sturdy and able to hold a weight of 208 lbs.

The three-motor setup makes height adjustment a breeze. Furthermore, the exceptional control panel has three memory modes and a power-saving mode, which activates after 2 minutes of inactivity.

9. VIVO Electric Corner Stand-Up Desk: Great Adjustability


  • Height adjustable
  • Solid steel frame
  • L-shaped unique design


  • Hard to assemble

Final Verdict:

No hassle in managing a messy bunch of cables as this colossal desk has a cable management system to keep users safe from an untidy workplace. Buy it and bring some grace to the office!  

10- FLEXISPOT EP4 Standing Desk: Easy To Use

Balck always brings a classic touch to the office environment; we bring yet another FLEXISPOT standing desk made of a black frame and black/greystone top.

Thankfully its dual motor runs quietly by producing less than 45dBA noise, ultimately making height adjustments from 24.4 to 50-inches a peaceful task.

The best feature of a superb desk is its USB charging port in the integrated control panel so you can charge your cell phone.


  • 3-stage lift system
  • One-touch control panel
  • Two desk hooks


  • Assembling takes time

Final Verdict:

This adorable desk also features two solid hooks to hang jackets, headphones, or bags. No more waiting; hit the order button and enjoy working for hours!

11- FLEXISPOT Standing Desk: Long-Lasting Quality

The striking white frame and maple desktop make this FLEXISPOT Standing Desk feasible to place with different office decors. Whether you are a 3 feet kid or 6 feet tall guy, this attractive desk offers you freedom of work as it allows you to change the height from 23.6 to 49.2-inches using its 3-stage lift system.

The whisper-quiet dual motors make lifting or lowering the desk a smooth task and enhance the loading capacity. You can confidently arrange a maximum of 220 lbs of heavy electronic items on it.

11. FLEXISPOT Standing Desk: Long-Lasting Quality


  • Quiet motors
  • Sleek and sturdy
  • Possess a one-touch control panel


  • No con

Final Verdict:

The five-year frame and two-year control panel warranty give this desk a separate place in people’s hearts. Isn’t it special? So, go for it!

12- FinerCrafts Standing Desk: Aesthetically Great

Executives facing back issues can try our last pick, FinerCrafts Standing Desk, whose ergonomic design will keep them closer to their monitors, laptops, or keyboards. Confidently allow kids and pets to come to the office without worrying about inquiries, as this aesthetically pleasing desk has round corners. Besides this, the leveling glides enhance stability and secure the hefty electronic items.

Now you will never be in a bad mood watching the mess of wires as this feature-packed desk allows exceptional cable management.

12. FinerCrafts Standing Desk:  Aesthetically Great


  • Stunning by look
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Height adjustable


  • Assembling takes time

Final Verdict:

Some of the other stunning features of this desk include water resistance, a scratch-proof desktop, a digital display, and an eye-opening dual motor frame. So what are you waiting for? Grab it now and enjoy office hours!

The Bottom Line

Sitting all the time can be prone to adverse health effects; thus, the best option is to create your workstation with an accurate desk that allows you to stand or sit according to your need and comfort. This article has compiled the 12 best monitor standing desks enlisted after massive research – you can pick any of the ones that fit your needs.

However, if you leave this matter up to us, we will recommend the OUTFINE Dual Motor Standing Desk, FEZIBO Sturdy Electric Standing Desk, and Truweo Electric Standing Desk. These are our three top picks that beat others due to their features, specifications, and comfort. If you don’t want to unfold the entire list, you can straight away pick from these three. Otherwise, various worth-exploring features are concealed in our nine standing desks.

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